Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sorry that I Have Been MIA

Sorry that I have been gone for a while. I have just been bogged down with work, life, etc. This Girl From NYC is getting ready for a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! I plan on going to see Public Enemies, Picnic, perhaps head to Coney Island, finish reading Outlander, and find a dress to wear for my joint Birthday Tea Party that I’m having with my friend D. I want something with floral print, or just something girly. I bought a dress for a French Restaurant my friend U is taking me to on my actual Birthday, which falls on a Tuesday (Ick!). It was a cute, bargain find from TJ Maxx. I can’t find a picture of it online so I hope my description suffices. It’s an emerald green flowy dress that goes to the knees, and had green gems around the Boat Neck. It’s really cute!!!

Anyway, I hope you Ladies have a Great 4th of July. I know I will!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Review Time


Something Blue-Emily Giffin

something blue

As I was walking down the book aisle at Target, I stumbled across some books by Emily Giffin. I was in a Wedding/ Chic Lit sort of Mood, and the book covers were pulling me in. I convinced myself not to buy them, and to just go to the Library. I don’t know how I convinced myself to go into a Library. If you know me in real life, then you have heard my stories from my NYPL days ,and probably are traumatized from ever taking out books. Perhaps one day I will tell you my tales of horror. Anyway, I put her books on my Hold List at the NYPL, and went to pick up Something Blue as soon as it came in.

I would love to tell you that I loved this book. From the synopsis I had read, it was about a girl whose fiancé cheated on her with her best friend. “Oh, wow” I had thought to myself, “I could totally relate as I had a boyfriend cheat on me with a best friend”. I thought it would be a nice story of her finding the man of her dreams. Boy, was I wrong. What I came to realize is that the main character, Darcy is a total self absorbed bitch, who basically was cheating on her fiancé with one of his groomsmen.

I don’t know about you, but when I go read a book I am looking for an escape from my normal life. I am not in the mood for dealing with a bitch. I come across enough of them on a day to day basis. I am curious as to how Emily Giffin thought that this was a character women could relate to. Are we all just bitches who have cheated on our men a number of times? Are we all people that are competing with our best friends to have and take away the things that they love? Do we all steal any guy they are interested in? I like to think that I am a good friend who would never do that.

At some point Giffin tried to make this book into a Devil’s Wear Prada, by throwing in big Fashion Labels. I didn’t really care to know what Darcy was wearing or buying. The more she threw on expensive clothes or blew thousands of dollars in a day to make herself feel better about her fiancé and her best friend being together, the more I abhorred her.

Darcy does encounter a form of redemption, as she finds her true love and starts to think about other people. This epiphany doesn’t really occur until towards the end, and by the time she realizes there is more to the world than herself I could care less. I would have loved to say that I am happy for her finding true love, etc. but she is such an awful girl that I just could never embrace her.

I’m wondering if anyone else has read this book. Do you feel the same? I just can’t believe this was on the NY Times Best Seller’s List. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I need more books to read as I’ve gobbled down 9 books in the past 2 weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations? I need a Summer Reading List!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm not feeling this week

I truly am not feeling this week. I feel rather uninspired. Le sigh

I am looking forward to my weekend trip to Philly to visit The Pied-À-Terre. I don't quite know what the exact plan is yet. I think we're going to the Liberty Bell and the Zoo. I know we're definitely having Philly Cheese Steaks. My Doodle a/k/a my Hubby is coming along to and is mostly concerned about what he will be eating. He is excited for my friend's curry. He keeps asking me about food.

I have a College reunion next week that I have been convinced to go to. I was promised free food and drinks. I'm kind of wary about it all. There are some faces I'd rather not see, but that's life. I'll just smile and ignore. I promise to try to have a good time.

In August, I'm heading out to L.A. to visit some in-laws and friends. I'm looking forward to walking through the Promenade, visiting my friends at the LGF Studio, talking about films, pitching crazy ideas, etc. I'm kind of looking forward to the in-laws. They are a very critical bunch, so I have to prepare for them to evaluate my life and actions, and then tell me what I'm doing wrong. At some point I'll tune them out, laugh, and/or talk back. This is the in-laws way with each other, so I guess I can't take much of an offense. Last time I had a big family discussion with this it started like this:

Grandma: J, I know you really miss your family in NYC. But I think you need to cut
the apron strings
J: The Apron strings?
G: Yes. You need to cut them and accept our family as your new family. C (my hubby's
mom) can be like a new mom to you. You can't be living in NYC forever. That's not a
place to raise a family.
J: Oh, Good God No! I have a mom thank. I don't need to replace my family. If anyone needs to cut the strings it's my hubby, because obviously his family is too clingy and
needy. And I think NYC is a fabulous place to grow up. I was born and raised there,
and I turned out fine.
G: *mumbles to herself*
J: Pardon?
G: Nothing. You're fine.

Good times. My hubby tried to say she didn't mean it badly, but whatever. I know she did.
They do this to their entire family though. Lots of criticism. Also, lots of them claiming to be the best family ever. Seriously, they aren't. Too many skeletons in their closets. I'll try to have fun though. I end up making lots of jokes so I don't end up screaming. Oh, how I wish they were normal people.

I just need the week to end. I'm ready to start my summer fun!!! I'm also ready for a bottle of wine :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks Friends!

Thank goodness the week is over. This week has been hectic with the fiscal year ending. Why do people wait to the very last minute to get their work done?Ugh!

This has been a tough week. Between the close of the Fiscal year, fight with a friend, Mother-In-Law bugging the crap out of me, and lack of sleep, I barely was able to keep myself sane. Thanks to the friends who listened to me rant and rave, and who accept me for who I am. What would I do without them? This song goes out to all my homies :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Need A Week

I wish I could have had all week off. I feel like a truck ran over me not once, but maybe 2 or 3 times. This past Memorial Day Holiday I spent visiting family, hanging out with the hubby, shopping, etc.

We also went to the movies and saw Terminator: Salvation. I was so excited for this movie. Sadly, I was let down. It was OK. Too much action and not enough of a plot. I won't go into details, but what happened to telling a good story. It's a shame because it had some great actors ie: Christian Bale. This film was a waste of his talent. The 5th film is in development, and I'm hoping they focus more on story telling, and less on special effects and action. The first film is still my favorite in the series. It had both plot and action. It totally trumps Terminator 2 in my book.

And what is Memorial Day weekend without a little shopping. I got me some cute Steve Madden flats, in their Kobraa flats in Pewter at Filene's basement for $35. Thank you 20% off coupon.

kobraa pweter snake-steve madden

I'm surprised that they are comfy. Usually, Madden's cut me up. I'm wearing them today and loving it.

Now, what would make this day even nicer is going to a cafe, curling up in a chair with some coffee and a good book. That would be sweet!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Too Obsessed with TV

Thank God, Friday is tomorrow. I have been ready for the week to end, and I am dieing to see Terminator Salvation. Memorial Day weekend kicks off my Summer Movies spree, since the TV season dies down in the summer.

With the networks deciding on what New Shows are coming and what Shows are being renewed, I'm wondering what's everyone's thoughts are on the new network lineups. I'm hearing Lost will be airing either Tuesdays at 10 or Wednesdays at 9PM. Please ABC keep it at at 9pm. The 10pm hour will kill me, because all I want to do is sleep at this point. I guess it doesn't matter where it goes, since it is the last season but I prefer 9pm. Thanks.

I'm also wondering what ABC is thinking by moving Ugly Betty to Fridays at 9pm. It's a death sentence. It's very hard for a show to retain an audience on Fridays. Ghost Whisperer is one of the few shows that has been able to keep a following. I'm not sure if the Ugly Betty demographic is going to be tuning in Fridays. I pray that they do. We shall see. I think Smallville is going to get buried alive with CW moving it to Fridays. Good Luck!

I got a little misty eyed yesterday when I learned that Privileged has gotten the ax by CW. I'm left with another cliffhanger ending. Why is it that many shows that I love, ie: Life On Mars, get the death sentence. It was such a cute show, and I love Joanna Garcia. Oh well :(

Out of all the new shows I have been hearing about, I am only excited about two: V ( ABC) and Vampire Diaries (CW). V is a remake of an alien miniseries from the 80's and stars Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost). I'm hearing its about Aliens who come to earth and say they are here to help the humans, but have ulterior motives for us. The Vampire Diaries seems very Twilightish, and I will tune in to watch it. I'm sure it will become a guilty pleasure of mine. It stars another Lostie, Ian Somerhalder (Boone). I am obviously too obsessed with Lost.

So, what are your thoughts about the new lineups?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I <3 the Entertainment Biz!!! I <3 TV Sweeps Week!!!

I love the fact that it's TV Sweeps week! That means it's time for new shows and seeing which old shows are coming back. I've been keeping up with the news through my friends who work out in the L.A. Entertainment Industry, through Watch With Kristin, and of course the Goddess herself, Nikki Finke! Coverage has been great. Of Course, Finke's got the scoop usually before anyone else does. Watch with Kristin is a little slow on the news. I even beat them to the punch a few times. Yet, they are a little pissed at me for one of the scoops I informed them all of on Tuesday. Someone's mad because I knew before they did. Oh, boo f***'in who!!!

This all stems from the show Medium. If all of you paid attention like I did Tuesday, NBC canceled "My Name is Earl" and "Medium" The Buzz is "My Name is Earl" may be picked up by Fox ( which the majority of people in the biz knew about) and that "Medium" at that point was a maybe for CBS. In case you didn't know "Medium" was a joint production between CBS and NBC. It still was doing well in the ratings for NBC. I found this out probably around the same time Finke did. Anyway, for some reason Watch With Kristin hadn't reported this. I thought I'd be nice and tell them this information, so I commented on their NBC post. Watch With Kristin did update their info; however; they made the time stamp on my comment look like it came after they posted this info. How classy of them.

As the day progressed, I learned from my source that CBS would definitely be taking Medium, and putting it on Fridays at 9pm, right after Ghost Whisperer. I notified the sad readers on Watch With Kristin that I had confirmation it was coming back. Nikki Finke had also reported the same. Watch with Kristin refuses to report on it that day. Instead I get a lovely message from E! as to where I'm getting my f***in' information from . I'm also accused of lieing etc. At this point, I'm wondering if Nikki Finke is getting the same sort of comments from people. My assumption is that one of the writers got a little jealous that someone was beating them to the news. Not my fault. My assumption is that if you're a reporter for the Entertainment biz, you're going to have the same sources I do. If you don't then it's a little sad and rather laughable. My only reply to E! is if you're unhappy with being the last one with the scoop, bring me in or some other person who is an insider.

Ah, I love the Entertainment Biz, even when people get bitchy. It's truly entertaining

Mi Amigas